VMAX Climax Officially Revealed With All New Rarity

Word is out! A while back, the Japanese branch of the Pokémon TCG filed a trademark for the title VMAX Climax. We now have some new information on what VMAX Climax will bring us, as it was today officially revealed during the live stream of the Kyoto Champions League that the set will release on December 3rd! This is yet another set to be released to keep up with but certainly a set you won’t want to miss out on.


Here’s what we know and don’t know about VMAX Climax:

  • VMAX Climax will be released in Japan this December as a high-class set. This means that it will include many reprints similar to the likes of Tag Team GX All-Stars and Shiny Star V. The set will include a large number of Secret Rares (CSR’s).
  • Secret Rare Trainer Cards are likely to include Nessa, Bea, Allister, Raihan, Adventurer’s Discovery, Acerola, and Galar Friends. These will also likely be standard Full Arts and not Secret Rares.
  • There will be more cards per pack. Each booster box will cost 5,500 yen and contain 10 booster packs, with 11 cards per pack. Previous high-class sets included a guaranteed GX in every pack. Whether or not we will see the same happen with a V or VMAX here, we do not yet know.
  • It is not yet known when and how this set will be adapted into the English-language Pokémon TCG. These kinds of sets generally become the following year’s Special Set (or Holiday Set) which would come out in between the expected July 2022 and November 2022 standard Pokémon TCG expansions.

The set’s all-new secret rares will feature “Character Super Rares”

If you can recall back in 2019’s Dream League we seen introduced Trainers in the Pokemon’s artwork. In this set, we will see exactly the same, full arts that feature a Trainer in the Pokemon’s artwork. Each pack of VMAX Climax will also contain a guaranteed chase card: a Pokemon V, VMAX, V-UNION, or secret rare.

As mentioned VMAX Climax will introduce a new rarity called “Character Super Rare,” as you can see on this Pikachu VMAXs Artwork here. We’re thinking this is certainly going to be some peoples chase card for sure!

We will see some new artwork but we’ll get plenty of reprints

As we previously mentioned, the Vmax Clinmax main set will contain 184 cards. Most of the cards will be reprints. However, we will see Duraludon VMAX and Rayquaza VMAX with all new artwork.

This upcoming set is going to be certainly gain the interest of the Pokemon community! Not only do we get an exclusive shiny Rayquaza VMAX, but according to PokeBeach we also get a Shiny Mew V and Duraludon VMAX.

The revealed character rares include Flaaffy from Evolving Skies, Zekrom from Vivid Voltage, Gardevoir from Chilling Reign, and Eevee from Evolving Skies.

We will also see secret rares of Nessa, Bea, Allister, Raihan, Adventurer’s Discovery, a new Acerola, and Galar Friends. The latter should be similar to Alola Friends. Some of the Gym Leaders are going to appear as their alternate designs from their League cards.

Ultra Ball will also be reprinted in this set and we think we will see Acerola be printed with an all-new effect or it’s going to be a new card featuring Acerola.


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