SWSH 4.5 - Pokemon TCG Shining Fates

Swords and Shield 4.5 is the most stunning expansion of the series. Ever since Sword and Shield’s first reveal was released, people went crazy over the shiny and fancy Pokemon cards. However, nobody had a clue about the incredible benefits and return of the mini set. 

Expansion 4.5 is extremely fantasizing and exquisite. The shiny Pokemon looks extraordinary, and nobody has ever come across anything like this before. Also, the trainers who have their hands on these shining fates consider them quite lucky. If you also want them and are fortunate, grab them fast. 

The Elite Trainer Box of the shining destiny is known to be one of the most happening boxes of the whole series. The box comes with eight booster packs from the set, dice, condition markers, sleeves. Not to mention, a special promo card is included in this box. 

  • Eight shining fates booster packs.
  • One foil promo card featuring Eevee. 
  • 65 card sleeves (featuring Eevee)
  • A storage box with four dividers. 
  • Two acrylic condition markers.
  • Six damage counter dice.
  • One large collector’s box.
  • 45 energy cards.
  • One player’s guide.
  • One coin flip dies.

The shining fates—mini tins are a fantastic addition. The mini tin features two trading card booster packs, a super collectible Pokemon coin, and a Pokemon art card (the art is displayed on the mini tin). Moreover, the art is ideal for display on the battleground or a desk. Furthermore, the metal tins double as a storage box; you can store the cards in the container. 

The Pikachu V box is inspiring and features the Shining Fates booster pack and two different Pikachu versions. The super-powered Pikachu V; is an electrifying addition to your collection. This set contains 122 shiny vault cards, and the main set contains 72 cards. The V box contains 4 Pokemon booster packs, one promo card featuring Pikachu V, one oversized card, and a code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. 

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