SWSH 05 - Pokemon Battle Styles

Sword and Shield is the most popular type of variant in the world of Pokemon. The fifth Sword and Shield expansion are known as Battle styles. People kept on waiting for the fifth edition to be released, and everyone went crazy over the launch of the battle styles as they appeared as two different styles. Let’s explore everything about the battle styles. 

The battle style is all about the fifth expansion of the Swords and Shield. However, the most exciting part of the battle styles is their split between two different variants. The players moved over the gift expansion as the Rapid strike and single strike (the two different versions took over the game).

Pokemon Fact: The inspiration of the fifth expansion of the Sword and Shields is taken from the Urshifu. Also, Urshifu is known to be the ultimate mascot of the expansion. 

Let’s learn and explore the cards of the battle style. 

  • Single strike Urshify VMAX: This card is the absolute powerhouse and the ultimate highlight of the series. Also, this standard card is associated with the ‘beatdown’ and moves to the dealing of 100 damage. 
  • G-Max: This is the latest addition to the game and deals with 270 damage to the opponent’s Pokemon. 
  • Rapid strike Ushifu VMAX: This walks being the single strike Urshifu and can produce 30+ damage. Also, it can deal with stunning 120 more damage. 
  • G-Max rapid flow: This is the most powerful move of the Urshify; and allows to deal 120 damages to 2 opponents. 

Some brand new energies have been incorporated into Battle styles. These energies are specific to the two versions; single and rapid strike. Moreover, these energies will allow the players to deal with an extra 20+ attack. The battle style’s energy cards are insane, and there is no limit on how many cards you can attach. The best part, you can take out the Pokemon with high-HP and play with these cards. For example, you can utilize the VMAX Pokemon with the battle styles. 

You will be pleased to know that there are two different Elite Trainer Boxes in Battle Styles. Each trainer box features Ushifu in its forms. The blue box is dedicated to the Rapid strike, and the red box is associated with the Single strike Urshifu. 

In addition to this, the battle style features check lane boosters. Each single booster pack has Charmander. The stealing spotlight part is the three-pack check lane blisters has Joltan pictured in a cartoony and appealing style. 

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