Sword & Shield – Fusion Strike Officially Revealed

The new Fusion Strike expansion is the eighth set of Pokémon Sword & Shield TCG and will focus on teamwork to introduce a variety of unique styles.

This is an extension of the Rapid Strike mechanic, which focuses on individual strength, as well as Single Strike cards found in Battle Styles that offer more diverse gameplay opportunities. In addition to these features are also additional details about Trainer and Special Energy-type cards with these game mechanics applied for added uniqueness!

This set will be mainly based on the Japanese upcoming main expansion set S8 Fusion Arts.

The new mechanic introduced in the Fusion Strike set is called “Fusion Strike” and it will include 20 new and unique cards. These are sure to excite collectors since they have never been seen before in the franchise; this includes Genesect V, Hoopa V, MewVMAX, and more! The Pokemon Company promises that there is a lot of variety with this set too: along with new exclusive Trainer cards like Supporter cards – players can look forward to Special Energy included as well.

We think that one card could be from a Japanese Ichigeki / Rengeki Start Dash Campaign which released promos for Gengar (High Class Deck) like Gengar or Inteleon. Another promo can come from High-Speed Riders packs where we have seen them release many special holo reprints named after their own card game series’ Starter Decks: Blastoise & Black Kyurem

The card translations for the upcoming Fusion Arts set have been revealed! The cards will also appear in our Fusion Strike release, and images of those products are now available. We’ve all even got an exclusive look at the Elite Trainer Box and Pokemon Center versions as well. There’s even a Build & Battle Stadium version that they’re going to make available outside of Japan and it’ll be similar to Evolving Skies’ Build & Battle Stadium product.

Lastly, the Fusion Strike Build & Battle Box has been revealed! This box will be available through your local participating Pokémon TCG retailer starting from October 30, 2021.

Hopefully, the recent release of Evolving Skies will be restocked in time for you to expand your Pokémon trading card game collection. If not, make sure that storage space is available on a shelf or table and enjoy these new cards until Fusion Strike’s next launch!

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