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The Extra Regulation format of the TCG is the equivalent of the Expanded format in Japan, allowing players to use cards from Black Collection and White Collection onwards in sanctioned events. The release of this box ties in with a marketing push for the format following the announcement that all ‘A’ regulation cards (Collection Sun/Collection Moon through to Awakened Heroes/Ultradimensional Beasts) would rotate out of the Standard format with the start of the Sword & Shield Era on November 29, 2019. A number of Extra Regulation Day events were also held at participating stores across Japan during October and November 2019 that hosted tournaments exclusively using the format.

The box includes a variety of popular cards from the BW, XY, and XY BREAK Eras: 42 Pokémon cards, among which are several Pokémon-EX; 49 Trainer cards, including 3 Ace Spec cards; and 4 Special Energy cards. The remaining 108 cards comprise 12 copies of each basic Energy type for a total of 201 cards. All cards are Non-Holofoil. The box also comes with a limited set of 64 card sleeves and the box itself can be used to store several hundred cards. As with previous Sun & Moon Era products that have included cards from older Eras of the TCG, each card retains its original layout, albeit with a change in the positioning of the collection number. Cards sourced from the BW Era have a BW symbol, while those from the XY and XY BREAK Eras have an XY symbol.

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