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Following the worldwide release of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! a week prior were three 60-card pre-constructed starter sets focusing on the Evolution Pokémon Eevee and each of its Generation I evolutions. These sets include:

Flareon-GX Starter Set Fire (Japanese: スターターセット 炎のブースターGX)
Vaporeon-GX Starter Set Water (Japanese: スターターセット 水のシャワーズGX)
Jolteon-GX Starter Set Lightning (Japanese: スターターセット 雷のサンダースGX)

Each starter set contains a fixed selection of cards, which together form a numbered master set, comprising numerous Pokémon associated with the set’s core type, Trainer cards popularly used in competitive decks, plus supporting basic Energy cards featuring a new design. The focal Pokémon are featured as Pokémon-GX—Eevee has exclusive artwork variations for each set. Every set also comes packaged with 44 damage counters, 2 status markers, 1 GX marker, a rulebook, a player’s guide, a coin, and a playmat.

Two related deluxe products were also made available from the same day. One of these was the Jolteon-GX Deluxe Starter Set Lightning (Japanese: スターターセット 雷のサンダースGX デラックスセット), which includes a copy of the regular Jolteon-GX Starter Set in addition to exclusive Holofoil Flareon and Vaporeon SM-P Promotional cards, a selection of 7 booster packs from recent expansions and subsets, and an original deck case featuring Jolteon and Eevee.

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