POKEMON TCG: Hidden Fates Ultra Ball Collection GX – ft. Shiny Metagross-GX


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Two Poké Ball Collections, Two Shiny Pokémon-GX!

With a coloration rarely seen, Shiny Zoroark-GX and Shiny Metagross-GX are a collector’s dream, ready to add their skills to your Pokémon Trading Card Game collection or become a brilliant part of your next deck. Plus, each collection comes with a powered-up Poké Ball that has a secret compartment inside to hold up to 60 Pokémon TCG cards!

Each Pokémon TCG: Hidden Fates Poké Ball Collection includes:
• 1 of 2 full-art foil cards featuring Shiny Zoroark-GX or Shiny Metagross-GX
• 10 Pokémon TCG: Hidden Fates booster packs
• A Great Ball or Ultra Ball big enough to hold a stack of Pokémon TCG cards
• A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

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