Pokemon Tag Bolt Booster Box


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Gain victory with overwhelming power!

In [TAG TEAM GX], 2 Pokemon form a tag team and appear on a card.
Since the power of two Pokemons is combined, the power and effect of moves are very powerful!
However, since the number of sides taken by the opponent increases while the Pokemon is faint, the timing to release [TAG TEAM GX] to the battle is very important!

Depending on the number of energy card, additional effect on GX moves!?
[TAG TEAM GX] ‘s GX move has additional energy besides the energy required to activate it, if the number of energy card specified for each card is attached!
It is a super-strong additional effect that can take the initiative of the battle, as much as difficult to activate!

[TAG TEAM GX] ‘s card is a powerful artwork!
In order to emphasize the feeling of struggle and dynamism of Pokemon who form a tag, produced with a special illustration!
Illustrations in which the individuality and features of each tag stand out are a big topic!

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