Palms Off Gaming Collectors Series High-Class PSA Storage Case – 40 Capacity


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Introducing our NEW Palms Off Gaming Deluxe PSA Storage Box, boasting a 40 PSA capacity!*
We have worked to ensure only the best materials were used to bring you this storage box to market – and without a ludicrous price tag.


  • Supremely sturdy design
  • Strong magnet closure
  • 2 Storage rows, holding up to 20 PSA in each*
  • Polyester Felt inside cover
  • Deluxe Textured PU Leather

Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 18.3cm x 14.7cm x 14.3cm

Protect with the best!

*Stores 20 each row assuming current PSA slab dimensions (old label slabs are marginally thicker – resulting in 18 per row, if used exclusively).

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