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Each mystery box will contain a combination of sealed product, cards, and the possibility of theme decks, booster packs, rare collectables, bulk cards as well as many other goodies from all our popular TCGs!

We try and make the boxes as fun as possible to open for everyone, so each one will contain a bit of something different.

The value of the items you find in this box will be worth the price that you purchase for!

What you can find?

– Elite Trainer Boxes

– Booster Packs!

– PSA Cards

– Sealed TCG Product as Blisters, Boxes, Tins!

– Raw Cards New Era: Gx, tag team, Ex, V, Shiny vault!

– Bulk Cards New Era: Common, Uncommon, Trainer, Rare, Holo, Reverse Holo!

– Various Pokemon Collectables

Due to the mysterious nature of this listing, refunds will not be offered on this product, feel free to contact with any questions!

Price Range

$100, $200, $250, $500, $750

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