Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Saiyan Showdown – Unison Warrior UW6 [B15] Booster Box

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– The strongest Saiyans battle for victory! Hero Saiyans like Son Goku, Son Gohan, and Son Goten take on villain Saiyans like Vegeta, Broly, and Turles!
– Returning characters get new Leader Cards, former archetypes get buffed, and more!
– Xeno Shadow Dragons are completed and Omega Shenron: Xeno makes their DBSCG debut!

12 Cards Per Pack
24 Packs Per Box

1. Saiyans VS Saiyans in the ultimate battle!
Saiyans gather from across the series to fight each other! Hero Saiyans take on Villain Saiyans for an unmissable character lineup that any Dragon Ball fan will love. These Saiyan cards will also reinforce the previous set’s cards and help players power up their decks! An iconic theme is recognisable by newcomers, competitive players, and collectors!

2. All 7 Xeno Shadow Dragons are here!
All 7 Xeno Shadow Dragons finally make their appearance in UW6! UW6 will contain Xeno versions of three popular Shadow Dragons: Omega Shenron, Nuova Shenron, and Rage Shenron! Combined with UW05 cards, you can complete your Xeno Shadow Dragon deck!

3. SR/SPR Box-Toppers continue!
Due to an incredible response from stores and players, the random SR/SPR Box Topper is back. This random SR/SPR is sure to increase sealed product sales.

4. DBSCG’s 4th Anniversary! 4 SCR cards!
For the first time in DBSCG history, and to commemorate the 4th anniversary of DBSCG, UW6 will have 4 SCR cards! These cards will excite and surprise any fan!

Rarity Breakdown:
[60] Common (normal/holo ver.)
[38] Uncommon (normal/holo ver.)
[30] Rare (normal/holo ver.)
[23] Super Rare
[9] Special Rare
[4] Secret Rare

Set Name: Saiyan Showdown
Series: Set 6 in the Unison Warriors Series
Number of Cards: 292


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