Dragon Ball Super Card Game Clash of Fates Booster Box

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Dragon Ball Super – Clash of Fates Card Game Booster Box (Display of 24)

Starting clashing with your fate – and any other inevitable opponents – thanks to the team at Bandai! All prepped and ready to become one with your deck, this collection of Dragon Ball Super cards includes a whole new range of Saiyans and Earthlings perfect for beefing up your deck. With the potential to collect four warriors from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie, this collection is sure to have DBS fans keen for some new ammunition.

A Booster Box contains 24 single packs of Booster Cards. A single Booster Pack contains 12 Clash of Fates Booster cards.

The complete Clash of Fate range includes the potential to find:
  • 18 uncommon (normal or foil version)
  • 10 rares
  • 6 super rares
  • 1 secret rare
  • 8 special rares and 4 feature rares
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