Pokemon TCG

What is Pokémon TCG?

Pokémon TCG is a unique trading card game designed to let you assume the role-play for a real Pokémon trainer and get into BATTLES with your friends and family. With these marvelous cards, you can choose your favorite Pokémon, try your favorite training techniques, and make your Pokémon win the battle.

How to play Pokémon TCG?

It is a two-player game where each player has a set of Pocket Monsters to fight the battle. With the available resources (energy cards and trainer cards), you need to design a strategy to outcast the Pokémon of the opposite players.

Knocking out the other player’s Pokémon gives you an edge and often results in your WIN. But there are specific rules to follow, which can make you the best Pokémon trainer.

Each player needs to have 60 cards in the deck to start the game. So, do you have yours?

Important cards and decks you should buy:

Now when you are aware of the game rules, you should focus on buying the important Pokemon cards in Australia for the showtime. To be very honest, expecting you to master the art of selecting the right card just when you are starting the game would be a bit too much. 

This is what everyone associated with the TCG Cards understands, and for the same reason, you can find pre-constructed game cards with which you can start right away. Buying the THEME cards is the right way to start, and here are a few options that you have:

How famous is this game?

Did you know that 30.4 billion Pokémon cards have been sold up till now? It is not the cards alone. 

The rising viewership of the anime is matchless. It ultimately triggers growth in the Pokémon card game players. The Twitch metrics highlight that the “unboxing Pokémon card videos” have shown a 3000% viewership increase over time. It depicts the interest of the fan base.

Pokémon card types:

Which Pokémon cards would be the best for your gameplay? With several Pokémon cards, you must be confused. But let us solve this mystery for you.

You need three basic card types to start your game. These include Basic Pokémon Cards, Energy Cards, and Trainer Cards. Without these cards, you cannot start your game.

However, there is an advanced set of Pokémon cards available in the market, making your BATTLES even more fun and more realistic than the actual Pokémon animes. 

Some of these advanced cards include the Evolved Pokémon cards with higher energy in like Special Energy cards. Tool cards and Stadium cards are the types of trainer cards you can use at the Advanced level. Let’s share a few of these card types here for you:

Pokémon Types:

You must know the various Pokémon types to play the game with the utmost zeal. You know most of these Pokémon from the video games, as the same system is adopted for their categorization in the Trading Card Game (TCG).

The Black and Metal type Pokémon have been adopted from Pokémon Gold and Silver. The Dragon set focuses on the Dragon-type Pokémon. The Fairy Pokémon was first introduced in the Japanese XY set.

There have been expansions in the Sword & Shield expansion set and Black & White expansion set. So, you can collect some of the Pokémon’s other than the video game characters.

Individual packs, booster packs, promo cards, and multiple other varieties of these unique Pokémon cards are available at Pokémon Trainer. Explore your favorite one!

Are the Pokémon TCG cards worth buying?

Definitely! You don’t only need them for playing the Pokémon card game but for trading as well. The quest for finding the rare cards can keep you indulged in a fun hobby. Besides, there is always a chance of trading these cards to get the real value for your money. So, now let us ask this from you, aren’t they worth it?


TCG Buyer Guide 

We understand all these different Pokémon cards can create a lot of confusion, hindering a smooth buying process. So, in this section, we intend to take you through some crucial tips to help you make the right choice.

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