Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes

Pokemon Elite trainer box is a package that contains several Pokemon booster packs, additional swags, sleeves, counter, rule box, dice, coin, markers, code card, etc. The Elite trainer box is a cost-effective version of the Pokemon collection box/booster box. However, with the box, you are more likely to get a balanced version with many bonuses. The best part: Box is aesthetically pleasing, and it can serve as a storage box for the Pokemon cards

Yes, it is indeed an excellent idea to buy Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes. The majority of the competitive players go for the ETB’s, as they feel that there are an expansion and variety in the trainer boxes. Moreover, the swags of Pokemon are hard to find, and with the Pokemon Elite Trainer Box, you are most likely to get a lot of merchandise. 

In an average Pokemon Elite Trainer Box; you will get your hands on the following variants:

  • 8 or 10 booster packs (depends on the nature of the box).
  • 64 or 66 card sleeves (the design printed on the box).
  • 45 or 48 energy cards.
  • One player’s guide.
  • One redeemable code card on Pokemon online. 
  • One coin flip dice. 
  • Two acrylic condition markers. 
  • One storage box with four dividers.
  • Six damage counter dice.


Every Pokemon Elite Trainer box comes with a unique code that you can redeem in the Pokemon trading card game online. The special card can get you the following stuff. 

  • A deck box (revolves around the theme of the trainer box).
  • Sleeves.
  • Basic energies. 

Not to mention, the most recent boosters also come with a code that redeems for a single boost (online). If you are buying an Elite Trainer Box with eight booster packs, you can get eight more boosters of the same set in the Pokemon Trading card game online. 

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