Pokemon Blister Pack Collection

A blister is a type of packaging (premium packaging with a cardboard back) for pokemon players. The packaging also helps the store owner for displaying the product using retail hooks. Pokemon blister packs are designed in a way to help store owners in improving sales.

Yes, indeed, it is a good idea to invest in blister packs. Whether you are a player or a collector, Pokemon blister packs are a cost-effective investment method in trading card games. The best part about the blister packs is that you are more likely to fill out more of the cards required to complete the set. 


Once you know the blister pack investment, you can easily purchase the boxes as per the missing Pokemon cards. However, we would recommend you purchase 2-3 blister packs to complete your collection. In addition to this, competitive players also buy blister packs to increase their chance of getting into the ultra-rare cards. Not to mention, the blister packs are low cast, and you can get the occasional booster as well. 

There are three packages in a blister pack, and each package contains ten cards. There are a total of 30 cards in a blister package. However, it is not necessary to buy the whole pack; you can buy them separately. 

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