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Featured One Piece TCG Products

  • One Piece: Double Pack Set Vol. 4 [DP-04]: This pack set offers a dual experience for collectors, featuring cards from two exciting volumes.
  • One Piece TCG: 500 Years in the Future [OP07] – Booster Box: A must-have for any serious player, this booster box contains a variety of powerful cards that can significantly enhance your deck.
  • One Piece – Two Legends (OP08) – Booster Display: Scheduled for release on September 13, 2024, this display offers an exclusive collection of legendary cards.
  • One Piece – Starter Deck (Ultra Deck – The Three Brothers): This starter deck, featuring the iconic trio, is perfect for newcomers to the game.
  • One Piece – Premium Card Collection – Best Selection Vol. 1: A curated collection of the best cards, ideal for collectors looking to showcase their favorites.
  • One Piece: Zoro and Sanji – Starter Deck [ST-12]: Featuring the dynamic duo, this starter deck provides a solid foundation for any player.
  • One Piece: Memorial Collection [EB-01] – Extra Booster Box: This booster box includes a special selection of memorable cards from the series.
  • One Piece: Wings of the Captain [OP-06] – Booster Box: Available from August 15, 2024, this box includes a range of new and powerful cards.
  • One Piece – Special Goods Set – Ace/Sabo/Luffy: This special set, featuring some of the most beloved characters, is perfect for fans and collectors.
  • One Piece – Premium Card Collection – FILM RED Edition: A special edition collection inspired by the latest One Piece film, perfect for any fan of the series.
  • Starter Deck (UTA): A beginner-friendly deck that provides a great starting point for new players.
  • Devil Fruits Collection Vol. 1: A unique collection focusing on the iconic Devil Fruits from the series.
  • One Piece – Starter Deck ST10 (Ultimate Deck – The Three Captains): This starter deck features three of the series’ most notable captains, providing a strong start for any player.
  • One Piece – Gift Collection 2023: A diverse collection perfect for gifting, available in various price ranges.
  • One Piece – OP05 Awakening of the New Era – Booster Box: Scheduled for release on August 8, 2024, this box offers a fresh wave of exciting cards.
  • One Piece – OP04 Kingdoms of Intrigue – Booster Box: A booster box that delves into the complex politics and alliances of the One Piece world.

Why Choose One Piece TCG?

One Piece TCG brings the thrilling adventures of the One Piece world into an engaging and strategic card game. Players can build decks with their favorite characters, relive iconic battles, and experience the rich lore of the series through captivating gameplay.

Key Highlights

  • Extensive Catalogue: Our selection covers all major sets and expansions, ensuring you have access to the latest and most popular cards.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive prices, helping you build your collection without overspending.

Community and Events: Participate in our local tournaments and events to test your skills, meet fellow enthusiasts, and win exciting prizes.

Explore our extensive selection and embark on your adventure with the One Piece Trading Card Game today!

There is a forever growing community of players and collectors who are only interested in owning original Japanese Pokemon cards. Therefore, we have come out with some useful information that will may make you understand how to value Japanese cards and how you can buy them safely without getting ripped off.

One Piece TCG is a collectible card game based on the popular One Piece anime and manga series. Players collect cards, build decks, and engage in strategic battles using characters, items, and events from the One Piece universe.

Japanese Pokemon Cards are the primary source. Since they first appeared in 1996, Japanese Pokemon cards have been a collector’s item for children and adults alike. They’re considered to be more collectable and desirable than international counterparts because of their design, color scheme, printings, rarity in circulation (less copies exist due to lower production numbers), etc. Many serious collectors spend hours searching through stores or online trying to find these rare gems that might fetch a higher price than its cost if sold on the open market.

Also, the promotional cards launched in Japan often go for higher prices overseas because they are rare and original. 

Before, we proceed with the value of the Japanese Pokemon card. Read on to the essential details.


Fact: the cards from Japan are not playable in tournaments or games outside the country. However, foreigners can use it inside Japan for matches. 


The Non-Japanese collectors and bidders in the auction are often confused about the cards’ value as they are not part of the competitive Japanese Pokemon card player community. Therefore, we have a solution for estimating how much a Japanese standard format card should be worth.


Follow the simple pricing formula:

EX card price (English) x 50-66% =EX card price (Japanese)

Trainer card price (English) x 150-200% = Trainer card price (Japanese) 


Besides, this formula is pretty much valid, especially for full art and gold cards.  


Japanese Pokemon Card

English Pokemon Card

Ultra Rare (UR): Gold Items

Ultra Rare (UR): Full Art Pokemon and trainers

Common (C) : Regular common cards

Common (C): Exist in non-holographic and reverse holographic

Rare (R) : Holographic cards

Rare (R): Regular rare cards

Rare Rare: Regular art EX Pokemon

Ex Rare (exR): Regular Art EX Pokemon

Super Rare (SR): Full Art Pokemon and Trainers

Special Rare (SR): Gold items and Pokemon

Uncommon (U): Regular uncommon cards

Uncommon (U): Regular uncommon cards

There are around ten cards in an English booster pack, and there are 36 booster packs in an English booster box. An English booster box’s standard pull rate is ex/SR/UR cards is 2-8. 

Now, go through the numbering of a Japanese Booster Pack. 

There are around five cards in a Japanese booster pack, and there are 20 booster packs in a Japanese booster box. A Japanese booster box’s standard pull rate is ex/SR/UR cards is 2-4. 

 There is no such PSA (professional sports authenticators); you will not be getting any standard information about the card condition; when buying a Japanese Pokemon card. However, there are fewer collectors and more players in Japan. Therefore, the card condition is not an essential factor. Not to mention, a card loses its value when damaged. We would recommend you to be careful with the price and condition of the card. 

A Pokemon card is born in Japan and then sent to other countries for translation. When there is a new launch of Pokemon cards in Japan, the value tends to shoot up and stay the same until the release in other countries. However, during the time, the unplayable card (RR) AND (SR) also increases in value. 


After they are available in other countries, the prices for unplayable cards decrease, but playable cards’ value maintains their value. Not to mention, the value of playable cards decreases once the card leaves Japan. 

VS Seeker (バトルサーチャ) in Ultra Rare (UR) from Roaring Skies (XY6 Emerald Break) and the older Ultra Ball (ハイパーボール) in Ultra Rare (UR) from Plasma Freeze (BW9 Spiral Force). These cards often reach the triple value of other golden UR cards (note that: the rarity is the same)

To start playing One Piece TCG, you can purchase a Starter Deck, which includes a pre-constructed deck, rulebook, and playmat. This provides everything you need to begin playing and learning the game.

There are several types of cards in One Piece TCG, including Character Cards, Event Cards, and Stage Cards. Each type of card plays a unique role in the game, contributing to different strategies and gameplay styles.

Yes, there are official tournaments for One Piece TCG. These events are great opportunities to compete against other players, improve your skills, and win prizes. Check our events page for information on upcoming tournaments.

New sets for One Piece TCG are released periodically throughout the year. These releases introduce new characters, events, and strategies to the game, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting. Stay updated with our announcements to catch the latest releases.

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