How much Japanese Cards Worth

Do you have Japanese Pokemon cards in hand, or does someone want to trade the Japanese cards with you? In any case, knowing the worth of these cards is crucial before you can go further with the deal or trading. So, let’s discuss the pricing, conditions, and the best time to buy.

Importance of Japanese Pokemon card:

The Japanese Pokemon cards are the source cards. All the other cards that we find around us in English are the translated version of these cards.

People other than the Japanese national ones are crazy about these original cards that would never be released in their own countries.

What is the value of the Japanese cards?

First thing first, You cannot use Japanese cards in tournaments outside Japan. But foreigners are not restricted to use these Pokemon cards in Japan. This is one of the reasons that playable cards have a higher value. But being a non-Japanese collector, you might not be able to find the best deal for these cards.

How to find the worth of a specific Japanese card?

The standard format card (Usable in a tournament) can be analyzed using this technique. You can find the price of the English Pokemon cards by visiting different websites.

Once you have figured out the price, you can use the formula below to get to the worth of the Japanese Pokemon cards you want to buy or sell.

English Pokemon EX Card Price x 50–66% = Japanese Pokemon EX Card Price

How to determine the condition of a Japanese card?

No doubt that the value of a Japanese card is based on its condition too. However, there is no specific ranking system to determine the condition like PSA (for English cards). The lack of a standardized system means there is no way of having a standardized format about the card condition.

The condition of these cards is not considered like other Cards/Countries. However, a particular card still loses its price if it is damaged.

If you are looking to buy Japanese Pokemon cards, the seller will provide you with a short description of the card. Even if you don’t understand the language, you can utilize the translator to find the exact condition.

Is there a specific time to buy the Japanese Pokemon cards?

When a new Japanese Card is released, The value keeps surging till the same version of the English card is released. Even some Japanese cards that you cannot use for tournaments have good value.

Once the English version of the same card is released, the prices drop in Japan. But is the case within Japan. For Foreigners, it is usually the opposite because the playable cards have very little demand outside the country. After all, only traders need them and not the other game players.

Summing up:

You might be interested in buying the original Japanese cards, but if you are buying them in a foreign land for collection purposes, you might not be able to get the higher resale value from these cards. But in Japan, the playable cards worths high because of their use in tournaments.

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