December’s Vaporeon, Jolteon & Flareon VMAX Premium Collections

We are here again with another Pokemon TCG release coming on December 3rd. This time we will see the release of the new “VMAX Premium Collections” featuring the special art Pokemon V and VMAX versions of Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon!

Promo cards of the Pokemon V and VMAX will come with each collection box and will also include a jumbo version card of the VMAX, a pin of the main Pokemon, and six booster packs. The European version will only come with five booster packs. It also doesn’t contain a metallic coin.


It was first announced that we would see these artworks In Japan, only 3,000 sets of the VMAX Eeveelutions are set to be released and that is going to be via a lottery campaign and is only available to Japanese residents, meaning here in Australia unless you know somebody out in Japan lucky enough to win one, then we may be hard-pressed to get our hands on any of the three never mind get our favourite eeveeloutions art work.

There was much talk in the community when the news of the Japanese lottery was announced as to whether or not we would even see these being printed in English.

The below cards are from the Exclusive Japanese lottery release, however, we are going to be seeing the full art Pokemon V versions that were cut from the Japanese Evolving Skies set printed in English and inside these collection boxes. If you are looking to complete all the Eeveelutions then you will have to collect the Japanese set S6a Eevee Heroes.





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