Announced That December’s Japanese High Class set will be VMAX Climax

Pokebeach first mentioned that Pokemon filled a trademark back in January and predicted Vmax Climax would be the name of an upcoming set. VMAX Climax has now been confirmed and will be released in Japan on December 3rd!

We can now reveal that VMAX Climax’s main set will contain 185 cards along with their shiny counterparts, which are secret rares.

It should follow a similar pattern to TAG All Stars (which also had both regular and secret rare versions), GX Ultra Shiny, or Shiny Star V: special reprints from last year. The sell sheet mentions shiny versions of Rayquaza VMAX, Duraludon VMAX, and Mew VMAX for this year’s release. Since these sets often include many high-value cards, VMAX Climax will likely become the most expensive V-set yet to date.

The set will also include secret rares of Nessa, Bea, Allister Raihan Adventurer’s Discovery a new Acerola and Galar Friends. The latter should be similar to Alola friends.

Booster packs will retail for 550 yen each. For comparison, Shiny Star V featured 10 cards per pack, cost 550 yen, and included one guaranteed Pokemon V or VMAX. There’s no word yet if VMAX Climax will guarantee one too.

These cards are believed to be a range of reprints, along with many Shiny versions of key Pokémon sets.

While most Pokémon OCG sets have just five cards in each booster back, much like previous High-Class sets. The next Pokémon trading card game set, VMAX Climax will have 11 cards in each booster pack and a holographic energy card is guaranteed to be included.

As of now, it does not seem that there will be a set released in America for the time being. We may see this as fall 2022’s holiday expansion if TPCi decides to release another one similar to GX Ultra Shiny which came out November 2018 and was then brought over August 2019 under Hidden Fates.

Just like with Shining Fates where they pulled off releasing around February or March but unlikely since Legends: Arceus is coming January 31st, TCG might promote the game along with any new mechanics introduced such as VSTAR and expected sets Star Birth and Battle Legion.

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