25th Anniversary Celebrations Full Card List and Promos Revealed

Pokemon has updated their popular online trading card game, PTCGO with all the cards from the brand new Pokemon TCG: 25th Anniversary Celebrations set!

You may have already watched several videos online with packs being opened early, however, the set’s products will be officially released on October 8th.

These are digital images below and certainly do not fully represent how these cute little monsters will look when printed on Pokemon’s holofoil, so don’t be instantly put off. These are “non-holo” versions, which means they don’t have the good old shiny foil treatment we’re used to seeing in most booster packs or decks of playing cards for example.

As reported before, each Celebrations booster pack contains four holo cards that cannot be found anywhere else but in this exciting new release!

‘Celebrations’ Main Set

The regular holos are printed on a special foil paper that doesn’t have any kind of pattern or effect. There are no galaxy swirls, Poke Balls or bubbles; it simply reflects light. This is the same type of material that they used for Generation Series products like Radiant Collection.



The new Pikachu cards are updates on some of our favourite classics over the last 25 years. These little Pocket Monsters have been given a remake, but they still manage to be nostalgic and emotional with all their old-school flair! This is similar to what Evolutions did with Base Set.

I bet you’re wondering why these cards are so special though? Well, they have new artwork paying homage to the originals, which yes we have seen this been done before but also because it contains a VMAX Pikachu which is an all-new card design again paying tribute to the OGs.


The Classic Collection

The “Classic Collections” sub-set contains 25 reprinted cards from a range of the TCG’s 25 years of history. Undoubtedly the main chase card will be the OG Charizard for most however all of this sub-set surely hits that nostalgia spot giving us hit cards from sets Base Set, Team Rocket, Neo Genesis, Gym Challenge and much more!

As these are all reprints, the cards do have some differences to distinguish them from the originals. For starters, there’s an anniversary stamp on them and an etching like modern secret rares, plus these prints were printed with the same holofoil paper that was used for the 25th Anniversary McDonald’s promos we’ve all just seen hit here in Australia recently.

Nevertheless, TPCi has used the same templates as before, however, made it appears that the font could be slightly different. None of the 25 cards are tournament-legal because they don’t have any regulation marks on them. This has been specifically been done by design. Also, most feature old mechanics that aren’t compatible with modern gameplay so render the card useless in a competitive game.

You will also notice that the Wizards of the Coast copyright has been removed from the Gen 1 cards. These changes alone make them somewhat completely different to the original versions of the card.

‘Celebrations’ Promos

TPCi wants to make sure these promo cards can’t be played in tournament play, which is why they put “Not for Tournaments” on the bottom of each of the cards. Technically this wasn’t necessary at all since there are no regulation marks present anyway but I guess they wanted to just doubly make sure.


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