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Paul M.
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Pokemon craziness is something genuinely real. Even if you do not know much about Pokemon, you surely must have heard a lot about it. It is a Japanese franchise, and it has been around for more than 20 years—all set to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year.

It all started with a TV, but it evolved as a trading card game, video games, toys, and much more over time. No matter which team you support, grab some snacks; we will explore the world of Pokemon.

What is Pokemon?

Pokemon is a short form for; ‘Pocket Monsters,’ and they are imaginary creatures. Now, virtually they live with their trainer (the person who owns the cards). The trainer’s goal is to catch them all, as in collecting all of them. The craze of Pokemon started in the early 1980s in Japan by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. Sugimori was the illustrator of Pokemon.

Tajiri and Sugimori decided to develop the gaming arcade themselves. In no time, they became the second-largest gaming franchise ever. Tajiri worked under Shigeru Miyamoto to create pocket monsters; and trading of monsters.ds

What is Pokemon TCG?

The Pokemon trading card game (TCG) is a fun and easy game to learn. Regardless of age, you can collect cards and play them with any of the other trainers. In this game, players build decks around their favorite Pokemon (You must have a favorite monster?). They send their Pokemon in the battle and fight to get the title of best Pokemon trainer. Players can begin with the theme decks and the internal decks are designed to cover the basics of the game. They can also increase their card collection by getting booster packs.

If you are thinking you are going to play with a similar pattern? You are wrong! There are thousands of cards to choose from, and the game is never the same twice. Pokemon releases four sets of cards, ‘expansions,’ every year, which makes the game exciting, and it keeps on expanding for both the players and collectors.

Collection of Cards

It is not just about collecting and trading the cards; it is about correctly playing the trading card game too. However, the aim of collecting cards is to build a powerful empire and a strong deck of 60+ cards; that can eventually help you win the battles. Kids are usually interested in collecting the cards and keeping them safe.

Moreover, each pack of cards is different; and they come in different packaging. The theme decks usually come with a coin and cardboard markers; you can decide and highlight the trainers with the markers. Besides, the cards also come in a pack of 10, commonly known as booster packs.

Types of Cards

In the world of Pokemon, you will get three different categories in any deck. All three types have a background

What are booster and expansion packs?

When there is an expansion in series, a new set of cards are released within the generation. Every release has about 180 new cards, and you cannot buy the entire expansion in a single purchase. You need to purchase the booster packs, a set of 10 cards that you can add to your present collection, or make a new collection. Also, there is no guarantee of any particular card; you can get any themed card release in the expansion set. 

What is a rare Pokemon card?

Every Pokemon card has a specific collector card number, and it is written as XXX/YYY; X indicates the number of the card, and Y shows the advertising number. Moreover, there are many rarities in the trading card game, and you might get a rare card in a set of 10 cards. You can locate the rare card by checking the tiny symbol located on the bottom right-hand corner. A circle means; the card is common. A diamond indicates that the card is not standard. Whereas a star means; it’s rare. Also, EX and GX hologram cards always have a star on them.

What are the different categories of trainer cards?

Items: they have an immediate effect on the game; it is like using the card and discarding it instantly. However, in one turn, you can use and play with as many items as you like.

Tools: tools are associated with your Pokemon, and once you use them, they stay in the game. In one deck, you can plan as many as you like. However, each Pokemon can have only one tool. 

Supporter: they are pretty similar to items. The only difference is; you can play one supporter card in one turn. 

Stadium: stadium cards impact both the opponent and defender. They stay in the game until they are replaced. However, there can be only one stadium card in the game at a time. If the players come with a new stadium card, the previous stadium card will go in the discard pile..

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